Another badass Trampa Street Carver build by Kaly.NYC!

Finally picked up my Trampa Street Carver from the one and only @Kaly and I’m absolutely blown away! Build quality and the attention to detail is ridiculous!

Even though I’ve only spent a few hours on it today, I love it! It’s crazy fast so I’m just getting use to the power curve and the boards carving characteristics.

I’ll report back once I get some more ride time on it. For the time being, here are the basic specs and some pics…

Trampa 14ply Street Carver deck Trampa Vertigo front and rear trucks MBS 100mm wheels Dual Kaly.NYC 6355 230kv motors Dual Kaly.NYC motor mounts & pulleys Dual VESC-X (Ackmaniacs) 12S4P battery w/ 60amp BMS Bluetooth dongle Individual motor on/off switches


Beautiful! I love the 14ply deck, perfect amount of flex after bolting the enclosure.

I wonder how he did the hexagon grip tape design.

@kaly is a great guy, I’m really happy with his customer services and quality of parts


I actually did the grip tape myself. Bought a few packs of laser cut hexagons from the guys over at

They also sell other styles and designs. Check them out and tell Gordon at Grip Graphique John from NY sent ya!


Wow that thing is beautiful, nicely done and that griptape seals the deal :wink:

Btw, How does it ride with the MBS?

It’s my first time on them, and in all honesty I was a little worried about “street traction” due to the design, but they’re actually not that bad. @Kaly also lent me a sent of shaved down green MBS wheels to try as well. I’m going to give them a go later this weekend (if the rain holds off) and see which I prefer better. If I like the shaved ones, Ernesto said he would shave down mine, so we will see.

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The shaved MBS have very grippy, you should try them, I love mines

Beautiful! Careful about those rear trucks on the non shaved wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to figure out how the battery meter was done on the bottom. Care to show some more pics?

Also looks like there is a power button, xt90 key, and 2 individual motor switches. What does the power button do if there is a loop key?

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You’ll have to reach out to @Kaly for details on how the battery meter was made, but as for having both an XT90 key and power button - the power button is what you use to power on and off the board, and the XT90 key acts as a safety cut off for the boards.

Ps… I swapped out the black knobby MBS’s for a set of green shaved MBS’s (on loan from @Kaly) and man they really have some serious grip! Gonna have to shave down mine asap!


Man that is one fine looking machine! Congratulations on your board! @Kaly this board looks amazing! I’m always impressed by your builds

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Power button for normal day operations, loop key for storage, travel, security and safety


HOLEEEE SHIT! This thing is bloody beautiful!

Hi @DucatiGuy We meet at @Kaly 's house , I mentioned using bindings , and we briefly talked about the @Ackmaniac app.:grinning:
I have since switched from MBS wheels to AT wheels I have to get used to the hight, taller , and torque curve different

Hey Robert! I spent the better half of the weekend getting acclimated to my new board. It’s definitely a beast and I’m having a blast with it.

I haven’t gotten around to setting up the android app yet. Hopefully this week I’ll have some time to tinker with it.

I’ve never been on a board with AT wheels, so I’m looking forward to it. Kaly should be getting my set in sometime next week or so. I’m sure there’s going to be a learning curve with them as well.

Considering you rode to Kaly’s, do you live nearby?

Hi @DucatiGuy (John) Yes I live within 4 long blocks of Kaly… not much of a ride in terms of electric skateboarding I hear you with learning and adapting to the board . I haven’t gotten used to the air tires yet… there are imbalances on each tire, I have to sort though. With stickie weights . And also Trampas inova air tires are not the best for high speeds( not perfectly round) IMO… Kaly likes the air tires from Evolve. They are better quality . And can inflate to 50psi less rolling resistance , unlike Inova 's 36psi Well hope to get together for a ride one day soon By… have fun😜

Wow!!! That is one fine board. How much does it set you back? In AUS dollars? As well have you got any pic of the controller?


Incredible build! How do those 230kV’s match up with 12S?

I’m curious to know how much this was too. Can I have first dibs if you ever decide to sell? I’m looking around for a board and checking out parts to build my own too.

Saw your boars on the net, how did you put the rear and front lights… Thanks…

The Kaly built Trampa Street Carver board, in a 2 in 1 configuration (pneumatic and urethane wheels), with 4A fast charger, and remote is comparable in price to that of an Evolve Carbon GT.

Have no plans to get rid of it anytime soon. I love it! There’s really nothing else like it.