Another Clone from the land of dragons

Doesn’t the logo look alot like @longhairedboy 's?

Have to say this might be the most promising clone yet.

any pics that dont link to ES?

No…Why? Are you not allowed there?

Yes. one of the many places that Im not allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @delta_19 for taking care of the details!

I thought I was first to notice. Guess not.

Those sack gargling fucktrumpets!

Oh well, guess being a legend has its short comings.

Still that handle in the kicktail idea would be worth stealing if my decks weren’t 40" long and required a 6’ 6" height to take advantage of it.

Those aesthetic stealing fuckpuppet charlatan jizzwobblers would shit their carpet bagging pantaloons if they ever rode one of my boards. And those hubs are probably the ones on aliExpress that look waaaaaay too familiar for my comfort level. I’m pretty sure that’s a design that was stolen from somebody here, possibly @Hummie


That handle though…


I made this because it’s true. I can’t search eBay without running into 100 items that are better left to the landfill.


i’m stealing this and posting it to my instagram.


I’m Chinese, American, but still Chinese and every fucking time I see this shit, and any other copycat POS, I face-palm because it makes me look bad.

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The people who make these are just trying to make money out of the latest thing. You can’t really blame them for trying to profit on this new industry.

The losers are the so called companies buying wholesale, rebranding them and putting it on Kickstarter.


Actually, the losers are the cheap bass-turds that keep buying their shit and perpetuating their scam.

Most consumers are dumb. To most people that have not seen an electric skateboard before, it is hard to see the problem for the price.

Looks what’s back