Another Mellow Boards copycat?

Some comments from Reddit:

Cooycat product looks pretty good though

It looks good because it’s a CG mockup. Lack of venting for the hub motors is a serious concern.

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I found these on alibaba a while ago. The company says this is their first shipment.

I was interested in testing because their claims were stretching the truth.

“first production of only 500sets at the mid of June”

As an engineer, I have questions based on what I have read.

Your batteries cannot meet your specifications at 67.2 Wh. Based on nominal voltage,

67.2Wh * 1000 / 42V (12s) = 1,600 mAh
67.2Wh * 1000 / 35V (10s) = 1,920 mAh
67.2Wh * 1000 / 28V (8s) = 2,400 mAh
67.2Wh * 1000 / 21V (6s) =3,200 mAh

The most practical battery type is like 6-8s. Since your price per spare battery is $65, they are probably LiPo Polymer pouches. Even if I ignore LiPo battery safety and life cycle performance, 2.4Ah is insufficient for your board design to achieve its specified mileage: “12-15km” or “20km”, especially either “35km/h” or “20% grade”.

Consider the following:

Boosted Board (USA), 12s1p (99Wh, 2.35Ah), 2000Watt Dual Motor, 8-10km @ 35km/h & 25% grades.
Yuneec E-Go (USA), 7s3p (232Wh, 7.8Ah), modified 1000Watt single Motor (operating at 400Watts), 20-30km @ 20km/h & 10% grades.

I could give more examples, but I do not need to. Direct drive is less efficient than geared (modern fact, cannot be questioned).

I know 2x1100Watts is not efficient dual 0.53 horsepower model (2000-3000Watts) requires 1-15Amp each to reach 35km/h on flats and up to 25Amp discharge per motors for 120kg on a 20% when starting from 0km/h. Your motor’s ability to climb a hill is questionable and would likely overheat the motors causing serious winding damage and battery strain (fire hazard).

Your maximum speed is also questionable because a motor wound 240Kv and geared at 13:36 can achieve a maximum of 30Km/h @ 10s (35V). Dual hub motors can achieve 30-40Km/h @ 10s (35V) but are wound at 170Kv. Your 8s (28V) motor could not reach 35km/h unless the motor Kv was very high, at which point you lose the ability to climb hills due to torque reduction.

Your board, which obeys the laws of physics, cannot achieve the specified minimum average milage of 12km unless on a downhill trip (especially true given the complete kit weight of 3.5kg) nor can it achieve both 35Km/h top seed and 20% hill climbing power as a hub motor with your battery configuration.

Your advertising information is either incorrect/false - could you please provide more information about your build to refute the above concerns?

I haven’t heard from the manufacturer since. Given that they also sell other products with boosted board and yuneec board photos mixed in with the actual products picture, I think its safe to say it won’t meet expectations. Its design concept is solid though.


That is some serious information there, thanks for the info though! I ordered 1 sample to have a look at the quality, can report back to u guys of the performance later on!

Np - I’m glad someone posted about the products actual owner (the crowd fund) and not the alibaba manufacture link.

Alibaba was selling them for $319 for a single unit, so you might consider them first for pricing.

When VESC 5.0 hits, I would probably build something similar to this with 26650 cells. It might look too much like boosted for my liking, but it would leave at least leave proper thane lanes on asphalt.

Do update us with your future build, might as well buy from u too if u decide to sell it off :grimacing:.

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Reselling these

Quoted price I got from them is $295.50.

Not sure what sample prices would be, but definitely not over 600euros.

have you got your drive yet ? , i orderd a sample aswell but direct from alibaba.

The preformance numbers reflect the cost … A pretty subdued ride if you ask me … Def won’t get the blood pumping…I’m gonna assume these are best case scenario numbers…if not inflated by a lot

No. Sent some questions but never got any answers. Never saw this board in action. Besides, there are many other vendors using exactly the same pictures:
I am waiting to see these two: - British - Spanish

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i am currently talking to a salesrep of landwheel . she will send me a video of a board in action by next week and one guy in munich has this board working on his website

the spanish one has a prommising site , maybe worht a kickstarter indeed

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It looks like Unlimited is not a clone. Looks pretty original. I’m interested to see the kickstarter

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Still got them? I wouldn’t mind modding those.

I didn’t end up buying them because it seemed sketchy

Good man. I like the design concept though.

Hey guys!!

Nice to see you are waiting on the Kickstarter, we are hoping to have it live on Tuesday so stay tuned for the early birds!!

We’ve developed everything in-house: hub motors that mount to any truck, all battery design and BMS and a our own VESC variant (we have had help from Vedder and will be providing him a donation per kit sold). Its completely modular so upgrades, swapping batteries, etc is really easy.

If you decide to pledge, let us know you are from the forum and provide your username. Well make your package extra special with a few extra goodies for the tinkerers!

Regards from Barcelona,
Team Unlimited


by the way, i plan on getting another CF board from 121c to try with ur drivetrain so hopefully its competitively priced and i cant wait enough for tuesday lol

2 Likes here is a video of the landwheel hub drive