Another noob needing help on my first build

Hey guys, so I have a couple questions regarding my first build. 1. I plan on getting a good VESC, will there be any parts (Battery, motor) that wont be compatible with that? In other words, what should I look out for when trying to piece together the pulley, VESC, motor and batteries. 2. I weigh 225 lbs, 6’.0". Will a single motor pull me fine? Sorry for the noob questions and I would really appreciate any help at all, feel free to link parts to me or even a build you’d like me to check out, thank you.

Get a good VESC, a 6374 190kv motor, 10s/5p 30q battery, use 15/36 gearing…you’ll be fine.


Thank you, what VESC would you recommend? Also I see you’re an engineer, cool! I am a first year mechanical engineering student.

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I would get a FocBox, but they are backordered for now. Failing that you can talk to @stewii or @bimmer and get a VESC6 or talk to @torqueboards and get a VESC4. WIth the load and a single motor I would prolly get a VESC6 and run Hybrid Mode (FOC up to 7k ERPM) then BLDC).


I’ve got almost 100lbs on you and I’m 7" taller but I’ve ridden single 6355 builds perfectly fine. 6374 with the battery and gearing @mmaner suggested would make you think it’s too fast on your first ride.


Thanks, both of you! I’m glad to hear that, I will probably go with the 6374 motor, would <- these wheels suffice? Also one more question for you guys, what gear/pulley and motor mount would you guys recommend for this build? @Battosaii @mmaner

Hmm as far as wheels, those are not very good and will probably end up in some corner somewhere unused after you realize how bad they suck lol. There are many good wheels options like Flywheels(best) Popocas (really good) kegels(good). As far as gearing I have a strange set up so you may want to go with something more simple. You want 15mm wide pullies and belts as far as where to get them I think @mmaner will have a better idea.


Thanks for the reply! I will have to take the hit I think on the wheels for now anyways, the board is going to be pretty expensive so far so I think getting cheaper wheels would be right cut to make.

These are some simple and cool mounts. In fact, check out the whole site. He has a lot of great stuff. He is even on the forums! @JLabs

I am working on a build for my 5 year old and wife with his bad ass mounts and one of his 6374 190kv motors right now! (Well, I’ll use this mini thrasher as well TBH)… OH YEAH, and beer. Never forget Beer.


I’d suggest getting a mount that has an idler pulley to help prevent the belt from skipping since you’re only running a single motor.


I like the diye mount on Amazon. For a vesc, I would recommend a maytech

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Could you link me to the mount? I tried finding it but cannot. Thanks! @AntiPusher

Could you recommend one in particular? I am not familiar with many brands, thanks!

I personally use the first one from @marcmt88 and I like it. I’m sure @Boardnamics mount would be a good option too.


it is used by @nmagz3

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Maytech VESC’s are crap, do not buy that especially if running a single motor. Amps will kill it.

I would go to at least 90mm wheels. The mount @sender linked is a good one, I’ve got 4 of them. In fact you can get wheels, pulley, belt, motor, etc from the same place.

@JLabs, link this cat some gear :grinning:


What mount should I buy for the motor you recommended? I was looking at this motor mount, tell me what you think

I would get the 6374 and motor mount from @JLabs


Thanks for all your help man I really appreciate it, I did not know how complicated it would be to build! Would you mind if I rapid fire some questions at you real quick? Could you link me a good $80-$100 VESC? what other connections/wires would I need to buy? and would you suggest me to just get the batteries and sauter them all together in series? Id rather get like two zippy batteries, but im no expert. and what kind of charger/remote would you recommend? I’d really appreciate you answering these million questions :joy: