Another place to buy belts?

Belt broke on my 5th ride ever on my Dual Raptor…

Is there a place in the USA to order belts for the Raptor? I don’t want to wait months for it to arrive from Enertion.

I also imagine there’s a place with better prices since I was able to buy a fast charger for 50% less than Enertion’s prices.

HA! Less than $3 a belt! But then shipping to the US was $27…

I just bought four 265x5mmx9mm 53 tooth belts from for only $3.60 a belt and only $9.47 for shipping.

Under details it says HTD-265-5M-09 which is the exact same thing as what comes with the Raptor as far as I can tell.

Company is based in South Dakota, so I’m guessing these will be here in well under a week.


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I use vbelt’s belts. Best place to buy them IMO.

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Where did you get the fast charger? What are the specs? Can you post a link? Thanks in advance

I ordered this. It was $44 after shipping.

36v(42V), 4A, 5.5mmx2.1mm plug (option “E” on their site)

Has a cooling fan. Shipping is very slow, like 3-4 weeks. Haven’t received it yet. Can’t speak of the quality, performance, or reliability, but I’m going to assume that all of the ‘fast chargers’ out there are the same…

Try these®-Rubber-Timing-Height/dp/B00HBWFRSK?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s003

In the US these guys are great. I screwed up my order and they didnt charge me for the new ones and didnt have to send the old belts back

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i’ve had great success with

based in the US, inexpensive belts, and really fast shipping from my experience.

I think the only major gap is only 9 or 15mm belts - none in 12mm last i checked.

I ordered the wrong belts for poly belt but they wouldn’t replace it. Instead I shipped them back new belts and they charged me a restocking fee as well. I’d much rather buy from vbelt.


i found another one

@sl33py is this the right size?

Hey smurf - double checked and yes that looks correct. HTD5 belt, 15mm wide, 295 length.

295 seems a smidge long - what’s your center to center distance and motor wheel gear (teeth # ea gear )?

That pulley kit on torque boards mount

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Maybe this will help. Here is chart for 15/40 ratio. You want to place your motor in the middle of motor mount and measure from middle of truck axle and middle of motor shaft and that gives you center to center distance and pick the one closet to that.

265… 60.5mm 270… 63.2mm 275… 65.8mm 280… 68.4mm 285… 71.0mm 290… 73.55mm 295… 76.2mm 300… 78.8mm


Not sure if it’d be any use for the US but are available in Europe.

i have two of those 15/40 setups mounted from @Titoxd10001 (one of the best IMO, especially for this price).

IIRC the one on DIYes v4 mount is more like 265 belt length.

If you haven’t bought those belts yet, let me check when I get a sec and i’ll let you know here. I think 295 is going to be waaaaay too long!


No haven’t ordered it yet and it looks like it’s going to be another long day at work

I ordered from vbelt supply and ended up ordering the wrong belts after the plugging in the info at bbm and order the size it said plus the next size up. I called them up and explained the the situation and they said there was a 30% restocking fee plus shipping it back and the shipping of the new belts out so consider yourself lucky @Jinra

Dude I made the same mistake… definitely won’t help u

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