Another simpe build | First time | 12s single 6355 190 kv


So I’ve been thinking about making my esk8 for about 4 months now. Time finally came)

Components –

| Custom deck |

| 9 inch Caliber Trucks | :

| Zealous Bearings | :

| Custom Aluminium Mounts | :

| Risers made by JackW | :

| New Evolve 97mm wheels |

| Custom enclosure for the battery and Vesc’s |

| 2 FOCBOX’s | :

| 12 A123 26650 batteries | :

| Nano - X controller | :

| DIY 6355 motor | : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/6355-260kv-epower-motor/

| DIY on\off switch | : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/

| BMS | I dont know yet(((

Do any of you guys have opinions on this?

Thanks for looking)

Looks good, here are my suggestions:

The nano-x has an OK reputation however @JLabs sells a remote that has better reviews and costs less money. For motor mounts hobby king is selling aluminium ones right now for 9$ a pop so that will save you some money as well. 12s on a 6355 might not be ideal, you could try looking for a 6374 SK3 and it’ll get you a whole lot more power. For BMS I purchased one from Supower because that is the same brand that @barajabali uses (his batteries are top-notch so I figured it would be good to use the same parts). Another great brand for BMSs is Bestech, they have a very solid reputation on this forum.

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Thanks for the shout! The remotes he is referring to are available here:

Thanks you for the response) are you talking about this one? I considered that remote from Jared but it just looks to bulky and ill be paying $50 for the nano-x so I thought that was a good way to go)) Ohh, and why are you saying that 12s wont be ideal on 6355?

Well for the motor, the 260kv on 12s is going to go wayyy fast. Like @anorak234 said, it would be wiser to go with a 6374 and a lower kv.

Sorry, put the wrong link. I wanted to use 190Kv 6355 motor with 12s. Would that work or 6374 would still be better? the deck that I’ll build will be nickel size so I don’t want it to be too powerful))

6374 is probably a better option and it will give more power overall, but I’m using the 190kv 6355 with 12s so I can’t say a whole lot against it yet because I’m not quite done haha

Don’t forget to set your wheel size when using the calc :slight_smile:

hahaha well ill wait till you are done then so I can see how well it works lol. Forgot about my wheel))) it gives extra 4mph, crazy stuff.

Yeah haha I should be finishing up mine within the next week or two, can’t wait to try it out. I’m running 83mm wheels with a 16/36 ratio on the 190kv. Should be exciting

Gonna be adding to my build log soon, I’ve got all the parts now. Razarac