Another VESC Blown

Hey all Second VESC here. TorqueBoards one. First one I shorted a motor wire and blew, replaced. Got it yesterday and installed it today and was doing about 15 miles of riding. Next thing I know…

IMG_2104 IMG_2105 I am using a 12s4p, and their 6374. Motor limit was 80, -80 watts. ERPM limit was 60,000 and -60,000, and battery limit was 70 and -12.

So I have two questions. What the heck coulda caused this to blow? I was literally riding it and it stopped. Not pushing it hard. Also, anyone know any VESC repair services on here?

DRV blown - are you running FOC on 2.18 firmware?

@Martinsp repairs 4.12 HW

You run single VESC right? 70A bat max definitely too much. Not sure what´s the limit for 4.12, but should be around 40-50A max with heat sink. I know your battery maybe can supply that, but your VESC as you can see can´t handle it. Do you have some logfiles from your ride?


You want a FOCBOX so this doesn’t happen anymore!?

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Which focbox can handle 70a battery current?

UNITY can So can a single one if properly cooled And motor amps aren’t necessary the same as battery amps

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Unity is a other topic…and a unity for single setup :thinking:…ok I think only @Kug3lis got that focbox to such a high current with his special heat sink case. But that’s also a bit a tuning of the focbox :wink: The standard focbox will not last long with that settings.


I do not have logs.

Dont do 12S on 4.12 HW…Switch to 10S and make sure you have 4.2uF on C18.


I run 12s on my TB vesc but my values aren’t as high as op’s

I have a hot air rework station. Kinda wanna attempt to replace the DRV again. Last time I didn’t have solder paste and messed up a pin on the PCB when I tried to remove. If I can’t find a service for 40 ish bucks in the US I will try it.

Also, I didn’t know the VESC couldn’t handle those values. Should I reduce them or heat sink the mosfets and DRV?

I’ll add the capacitor but going to 10s is impossible now.

If the battery amps is set to 50, isn’t the motor technically limited to 50?

PM @JohnnyMeduse, he can fix the the VESC for you. FYI, anything over 50/-50 on the TB VESC is dangerous. With a focbox you can go to 60/-60 with no problems, in fact i’ve run 70-70 before.

Over 50 battery amps or motor amps?

this is what I run… image


No… I run batt max 50a Motor max 80a On 10s On 12s you should start with @mmaner suggested motor max and go from there checking your motor temp. Running motor max too high can cause the motor to overheat


The vesc converts your amps and voltage coming in to what is going out. That means that the motor current can be higher than the battery current but the voltage on the motor will drop in this case. So UI input is UI Output but the values of U and I is changed by the vesc according to your response on the throttle.


Doe sit matter if I get the DRV8302DCA or DRV8302DCAR? The former is out of stock at mouser.

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