Answers for newbs only!

Yeah it does!!! Hahaha. Thats one of my.first soldering attempts. Didnt know about cold sauter joints yet. Lol. A pro sauter guy saw me and actually said.move!!. And gave me a different bms and sautered it in front of me so I could see. Think he used a stained glass iron for the 10 ga solid.wire actually. Said something about to big for normal iron.

That ones shrink wrapped in my evolve gtx gen 3 30q battery upgrade.

Why 4 bms??. If its 12s4p get 1 12s 80A Bms. Black to negative. Reds one wire on the positive.of.each.cell pack in series order. 1-12. When I started the schematics.on google didn’t make sense to me. I pictured a flashlight with 12 batterys. Each batterys really 4 spot welded. Bend the flashlight in an s shape. Thats how it goes pos to neg. So start at bottom of imaginary flashlight with pos red wire 1 on pos side and neg on same first battery. Then follow batterys up whatever shape their in soldering red wires onto the next pos side. Put two thick reds coming from last positive on last cell or wjat would be light in imaginary flashlight soldering them for charge and esc.pos output.

So last battery has 3 welds the 12th pos bms balance and the two larger charging amd power outputs. First battery has two black. One balance one bms neg. All others just one red wire.on pos side

Correction first has 3 as well. 2 black as mentioned and first pos red srry my bad

Hey there. Thanks for responding. I thought I initially would need a BMS for each 12S, but then after I built the battery I found I only needed 2 BMSs. My problem now is hooking it up to the VESC & motor to get things going. I’ve looked at no less than a dozen videos and each one is different with different components. My VESC doesn’t appear to have a connection that works with the motor and there’s no damn instructions on the items I ordered. I feel like I’m almost there, but it’s hard trying to make it come together since I’m driving blind.

Items I have:

Batteries are tested and ready to go, I get a blue light on the VESC, but can’t connect to the motor or remote controller. Any thoughts?