Anti Spark or switch

So I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to Esk8 boards, As far as I’m aware, anti sparks such as the XT90 are circuit breakers, instead of using one could I just use a switch that could act as a mains switch?

Circuit breakers? Nope. They just have a resistor that resists the initial electricity.

You can either make a loop key that completes one side of your Board’s circuit or you can get yourself an antispark switch designed by Vedder.

Mechanical switches do not eliminate spark. The spark still happens inside the switch causing it to wear out prematurely. I tried to use one on my first build. It was a 100a automotive breaker switch. It started failing after a short time. I opened it up and found that it used contact points similar to the ones used on older cars with distributors (before electronic ignition). The points where practically destroyed by the spark. As Pantologist said there are really only 2 options. An XT-90 resistor key or an electronic high voltage switch like the Vedder switch.

Or you can buy a BMS that has this functionality implemented. I think some of the BesTech ones have e-switch.