Anti Spark Plug

Just started doing my first build. I believe I got all the connectors right but when I plug in the Anti spark plug, sparks happens. Is that suppose too happen ?

Are you using the xt90 with a little green stripe?

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I’m using xt90 but it doesn’t have green strip

Then you’re not using an Anti-spark plug…

This is an anti spark

This xt90 doesn’t have the green strip but I do have a xt90 connector that do have one. Should I use that one instead

The one you have is a loop key. Although I am not sure if anti-spark works well with 12s

Yes what you’re using provides no antispark

Just check the tutorial on the forum

I don’t understand how you made an anti-spark loop key without an anti-spark XT90 connector. :thinking:

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So just change the xt90 loop only right ? To the female green strip ? I don’t have to rewire the series?

Lol it’s an anti-antispark


Yep just replace the loopkey

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You see how you made a little xt90 key. Make another one thats the same but instead of the x90, use the xt90 with the green stripe.

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Also if you could reduce your battery lead length, that would be better for the VESC

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@scepterr reminds me of my first board with the plastic boxes and the terrible drive train sound lol


Don’t forget the anti-antispark too :wink: “I have an antispark but it sparks all the time” :joy:


I can understand @MannyM0E 's reasoning

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:grin: Thank you that fixed it