Anti Spark Power Switch

Hi, I’m going to buy a power switch for my Esk8, I saw a lot of Power Switches that look like a vesc. They are beautiful but so Expensive. Are They really necessary or I can buy a normal one?

I can’t say that’s a straight forward questions to answer. There’s some anti-spark switches, like vedder’s anti-spark switch and it’s variations. They generally use a pretty simple push-button switch to control a relatively more complicated circuit with a few mosfets (black squares, just like on the top of the vesc). If you’re referring to these, no they’re not necessary, though many like them a lot.

As for alternatives, the only real anti-spark option I’m aware of is an anti-spark loop key with an xt-90 connector or something similar.

I’m not sure what you mean by “normal one”. If you’ve got links I may be able to give you a better idea.

I mean a Switch like this one

Ah okay. No, you can’t use that switch by itself. You’re most likely going to go way over what it’s rated for. That’s the kind of switch that I was referring to as the one that controls a more complicated circuit with a few mosfets. So that may be the only thing you see from the outside (on other builds for example) but I guarantee that’s not the only thing there.

So I can use it, but with mosfets? Which one should I use to turn my Board On and Off? I want a Fancy one like this

You can use it, but you’d need a anti-spark switch board (most likely something like the expensive switch you were referring to)

Can I make a Anti Spark Switch my self?

Yeah! If you know how to solder and have the equipment, and you’ll most likely need a hot air gun, then sure! I did.

Could I use one of this?

Also no. There is not a single mechanical switch that I would trust to handle the whole thing on it’s own. They just cannot handle the amount of voltage and current we’d put through them… Your options are anti-spark loop key or vedder-like anti-spark switch.

There is a Man Called Grat Scott that used one of this on his Esk8. But I’m still having troubles to understand, I just want to Turn Battery on and off by the Bms

@IsTalo I bought this one

It is kinda the same switch you linked to. But you need the other part to make it save for your VESC. And I read in an other topic not all led switch are good to use, not sure anymore why not.

Hope it helps

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I’m looking at this for my build. It has a fancy button and everything. little pricey though.

Seriousl, I have one and Love it

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I would not use any switches from amazon. I bought two, the first one i thought was good, but then i realized it was only rated for12 volts. So then i bought another one that was rated 5 amps 35 volts. I hooked it all up and when i pulled the throttle, it just fried it because my BMS pulls 45 amps. I would use this: collections/electrical-connectors/products/on-off-power-switch-electric-skateboard Its pricey but definitely works the best.

Man, this post is old, I already bought a anti spark

you loose 0.5 V on a on/off switch…

Which one did you buy