Anti spark switch (direct fets, heatsink, metal LED switch is included) 100A

Hi, I have these switches for sale. They use direct FETs with a heatsink. They are fairly small (see specs) to fit into minimalistic high power builds. I also have them listed on my website:

You can use this switch to turn on/off your electric vehicle with a nice metal LED illuminated push-button. This is also useful to avoid sparking when connecting an ESC or other load to your battery.

The price I am asking for them is 25€ (includes everything pictured+instructions)+shipping which is 4€ worldwide with tracking

Why should you use it?

  • You can safely switch high voltage and high amperage devices with ease!
  • Avoid sparks when plugging connectors together
  • Aesthetically pleasing push-button which lights up when the switch is ON


  • Max continuous amperage: 100A-fuse (120A if you change the fuse & 200A peak for a few seconds)
  • Max voltage: 13S (56V)
  • PCB Dimensions: 49mm*39mm (1.9" * 1.5")
  • Push-button: Ø18mm (Ø16mm hole, Ø13.5mm button)
  • Wires: power 10cm (input&output), push-button 15cm

If you have any additional questions feel free to PM me or post them below! :slight_smile:

Please read the included instructions before installing, this is important to avoid damaging the switch or other components. We are not responsible for any damages caused due to incorrect use or installment of our devices.

Here are the instructions in case you loose the ones in the pack:


Are you using the same mosfets as LHB?

Not sure which ones he is using, sorry. I will try to find his and update this post

BTW: The Fets I am using are rated for over 140A each so theoretically this switch could do almost 300A continuous but lets be real, that would need some crazy cooling and it would drastically decrease the longevity and reliability so to keep it safe I advertise 120A only.

Did you test this on your own board and if so for how long and what setup?

I have been riding them (this last version) for over a month daily. Dual VESCs 6355 10S3P 30Q 46A from battery. But I have done testing using the 120A on lipos but my motors were getting too hot so that was short term, but nevertheless tested.


If a stick or debris hits the off switch, will it shut down the board?

Or does it have a “hold to turn off” safety feature?

Hi can you ship to Ireland.

Will this work with a 6s setup.

What do I need to know before I buy

Also can I read instructions before I buy

If you mean the PCB switch then no it is in heatshrink. If you mean the pushbutton then it would have to be pretty bad luck because the pushbuton is below the surrounding surface so it would have to fit inside the hole. No it is a regular pushbutton with aretation (locked in either position).

Yes I can ship to ireland no problem and it will work with 6S without problems. I will post instructions in a moment.

Is shipping to Ireland still 4 euro?

How quick could I get it

Yes the shipping cost is 4€ for the whole world. And takes 1 week, but since it is easter now it may take a few days longer so within 2 weeks surely.

OK I’m happy with that. Will I use your website to order it.

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Last question. A really stupid question. I have a power switch on my esc and it just shuts off power to the esc so other things like the battery display indicator still draws power so I had to use a xt-90 anti spark loop key. This isn’t like that no?

I just solder it before anything else.

The switch turns off everything that is connected after the switch so if your indicator is connected to the output of the switch, it will be turned off. And instructions are int the first post now.

OK great thanks will read them now

120A cont. is a pretty big claim dude…

No body has a switch that can endure that… yet

What size is your fuse?

Are you offering a guarantee? (might need more testing with bigger motors/batteries)

Hope they work out! for your price you will sell zillions!

If the switch fails what’s the worst that can happen. My pack is only 6s and not even 80A so what’s the chances of it failing

Is it possible to buy one with a female xt-60 connector on the input and a male xt-60 to the output. I’m very bad at soldering and have a bad soldering iron

Yes but there are very few people that actually reach the 120A continuous. The fuse is 80A slow blow, it is less than the max to protect the FETs since it is easier to replace the fuse than the FETs. Yes there is a warranty on the switch if it is used correctly. It is hard to give a warranty to a DIYer though as you can imagine because just like the VESC if you short things out it dies and it is hard to tell if it has been shorted since the way these fail is mosfets get “stuck” in the ON position. And there is a lot of ways that can happen.