Anti spark switch to blown again

I was using a Vedder anti spark switch I got with my battery for the last 2 months and it died. I got a replacement today and after riding it turned off. I was charging my board and wanted to see what percentage my battery was at. Turn it on and bam now it doesn’t work. I hear they do not work well with 12s5p setup which is what I’m running. Has anyone had success with this style or know of any that will work? is my only other choice to go with a loop keym

unfortunately the loop key is your only other option. Unless you’re willing to get a bestech BMS which has an included eswitch

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Can you clarify on some specs of the switch? Like fuse used, maybe a link to the shop you bought it from

XT90s …

but i have destroyed my xt connector after to many plugs, my antispark however never failed…

vedder switches are fine up to that voltage and do not care about parallel groups

Check out @kug3lis switch

I’m using the 120 amp Luna cycle switch. It’s a little big but probably not much more than yours.

I’m was using the switch from my first switch lasted a few months this second one lasted alot 15 mins. I’m not sure what fuse is used if any.

i ordered the luna cycle 120a so i hope that thing works.

im not sure whats going on with my board. the switch worked fine last night when the battery was at 40%. i test rode it and turned it on and off a few times no issues. this morning i went to check the charge on it since my charger was showing it was charging still and it wouldnt turn off with the battery at 97%. i wondering if its a issue with either one of my focboxs or the y cable i made to run power to both focboxs.

Maybe use an xt90s for the battery discharge, everything else after that. I did that in my last build and the AS switch has worked flawlessly. Not sure if there’s correlation there, just thought I’d mention it.

so switch over all my xt60 connectors from the battery to the focboxes?

No, just the one from the battery pack, then whatever.

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I wonder if there is something to that.

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It’s hard to say and I don’t have anymore AS switches so I’m not willing to test it right now.

Also, I’m using an experimental switch that has upgraded fets and failiver fets.

So it’s hard to know for sure. But it can’t hurt.

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