Anti- Spark Switch

Can anyone suggest a good anti spark on-off switch that can handle a 12s battery pack. Thanks

I have one of these

IMG_20180109_222030_HDR — копия (2)

depends on how much current you need to handle… this one does 100a, he has some smaller ones too or you can go to “antispark heaven”.

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I just use an xt90 anti-spark loop key. not very flashy or anything, but it works really well!

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An e-switch on your bms is the best way imo

How’s that switch holding up and how long have you been using it?

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Haven’t used it in anger yet, waiting on a couple more parts Nama :neutral_face:

would something like this work for a 6s build with a hobby wing esc?

hobbywing have a built in switch bro :slight_smile:

Hobbywing EZRUN MAX6 160A 8S Brushless ESC

You can use this too


The maximum current value 400A Max voltage: 13S (60V) PCB Dimensions: 40mm*32mm Pre-Soldered Maybe you will like it.