Anti Spark US Seller?

So Im looking to incorporate a antispark into my boards, Id like to find someone who sells the PCBs or completed units here in the USA! Keep on mind who ever has these I’d like to make a bulk deal :slight_smile:

maybe from @chaka

@torqueboards has them on diyelectricskateboard

for a “complete” a bms with soft switch would make more sense…

But it’s dose not give me a pretty blue light. :smiley:

some bms have a light switch. especially if you order a custom run. or wait for the open source batman.

Never thought about getting a custom run. Good point! Thanks. I was also thinking about the batman BMS, but it’s still in beta, hopefully I might be able to incorporate them in something later. I’ll look at some bms makers then, thanks

open the run up as a group buy you might get some good will from everyone :sunglasses: