Anti-spark video tutorial

Hi gang, I put together a video tutorial showing a common method for an anti-spark connection using a resistor and an extra Deans connector. I’m not taking credit for the concept, just showing how to do it. Good info for newbies. I’m working on a bunch of fun videos for electric skateboards, drift trikes, GoKarts and much more. Be sure to subscribe to my channel as I’ll be posting about every week or so.

Let me know what you think!


Thank you so much for this. I’ve been looking around my local RC stores for them XT90/60s with antispark and none of them sell it. (I live in Thailand so I aint gonna ship anything from abroad. #corruptedimporttax) This was just what I needed.

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You know, I never understood why DIY anti-spark solutions use a two stage (resistor, then main connectors) connection, while the XT90s only requires plugged it in. I wonder how the internals of the XT90’s are laid out.

Something like that, resistor is probably placed on the top and not in the middle, but you got the point.

I think the XT90s still works in the same 2 stage way, as you start to push it in the current goes through the resistor, but when it’s fully in the resistor is shorted out

resistor is probably positioned like IDVert3X shows, but functions the same

@LukeL Eh, you made a mistake in your schematic. The layout of female one you drawn would only work for loop key, but anything else it would just get shorted out :smiley: You can’t just plug negative to positive terminal through resistor… This only works for loop key, nowhere else.

Anyway, done little bit more research, that’s actual layout:

Physical placement may vary a bit depending on manufacturer.

yeah I realised that, it is how you’ve drawn it was just trying to explain that it functions the same as the one in the video with the two stages

No problem, I can easily buy connectors online too but this was free since I have a stockpile of resistors and deans connectors in my shop already! I figured I wasn’t the only one. If nothing else, it teaches the concept as well. :slight_smile:

Yeah, those are slick. Maybe future builds I’ll stock up but my set up was free since I already had all the parts.