Anti spark wont shut off no matter what I try

Flipsky anti spark pro 280/800 wont turn off! It worked great for several months of only drawing 40a but now its constantly allowing current to pass even with the on/off button unplugged. The white wire on the button broke off at some point so I soldered it back on and it didnt do the trick… because it didnt work I thought I might have soldered it to the wrong terminal on the button so I tried every single one… I left it on the only terminal that lights up the button when it’s in the on position which is the same terminal that the black wire is soldered to

Remove the heatshrink off of the anti-spark maybe there is something causing a short or to see if something broke/blew

Nothing out of the ordinary…

Did you contact the costumer service of flipsky? If not you should they’ll probably send a new thing… I should of said that in my first reply sorry :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Did you try the button itself?

@joshoujoe Just sent an email to them earlier so waiting on a response… I bought it through Ebay so I hope that dosent hurt me… and what do you mean the button by its self?

Check with a multimeter (voltmeter or what ever you call it and put it in continuity detection) , it should bip/indicate if there is a continuity in the switch when you turn it on/off or if it’s always on even if it’s off. And if you bought it second hand you’re kinda fucked but you could get one directly from Flipsky it’s $39 it’s i beleive pretty cheap still

I’ll test it out, not sure if it will help since it stays on even when unplugging the button… I figured the switch was default open.

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