Anti-spark xt90s as loop key restricting current flow?

this may be psychosomatic but noticed some differences in using a normal xt90 and xt90s (anti-spark) connector as a loop key.

first, at full charge, when using a normal loop key, voltage reads about 0.4v higher.

also, and this is completely unscientific, board seems to accelerate harder without the anti-spark key.

i know there’s a resistor on the xt90s that prevents a spark, then as it’s pressed in further a complete connection is made. but does this resistor in the middle have an impact on overall current flow?

It should not be inline when fully seated. If it were, pulling 20+ Amps would fry it. It’s a small resistor.

Swap in a non- anti-spark and try it for a bit. Perhaps another issue?

also, if you have a multimeter you can measure resistance - i’m not super great w/ my MM, so i found this guy’s video really helpful. Even using a $6 harbor freight (also on amazon) cen-tech MM.

to confirm the anti-spark is not adding resistance (restricting flow) - measure on each side partially seated (resistor inline), fully seated (no resistor inline), and then compare with a non-anti-spark XT90 to see if it actually is adding any resistance. It shouldn’t be.


I’d say it’s probably something else that’s creating said voltage drop. Reason being if the loop key was creating some sort of noticeable voltage drop or current limitation, it would burn up so fast it’s not even funny lol. If you do feel the loop key getting warm or something I guess maybe it could be the case but I doubt it.