Antispark and batteries?

Hi I’m planning on building a setup with 2 5s lipos in series these are the batteries, I’m also using a Maytech 190kv motor, so what is my top speed and range with this? And I don’t quite know how the antispark system thing works, so please write a solution to the antispark. I would also appreciate a simple wiring diagram.

Oh and I weigh around 52 kg and im using a VESC if it helps

You can use this calculator to find your top speed.{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:8,“motor-kv”:192,“system-efficiency”:90,“motor-pulley-teeth”:16,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:90}|

By anti spark system I assume you mean an anti spark loop key. All this is is one of these in your circuit. All it does is interrupt (break) the circuit then you use the other piece to complete it. I use mine on the positive wire going to my esc.

A picture says a thousand words so a bunch of pictures should help.

Can i use this i’m not so good at soldering.

Yes sorry I linked the wrong thing but you still will have to solder.

Okay, so i buy one of those ( and solder a wire in a loop?

Yes, the female one (the one with the green design) you will solder a loop into it. The male one (the other one) you will cut your positive wire going to your esc and solder one end on one side of the connector and the other side on the other side of the connector.

This is a simple digram for 4s batteries but it is the same thing.

Ah okay thanks, i think that i understand it now. But the pictures you send, it looks like different antispark loops key? (just to be sure)

I have an old “how-to” with lots of pictures and step by step. You can make it much simpler… but they are very easy to make w/ moderate soldering skill and a few simple tools.


yes it is the same.

I have been looking into this antispark and i think that it has an in-built antispark system, so i dont think that i have to solder anything.

Ok that is the same thing I am talking about… you have to solder it to your system.

ah okay, now i get it. Thanks

10s with 5000 mah= about 10-14 miles depending on several variables

Keep in mind…the higher the C rating, the less sag, the longer the travel time.

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no problem.

One extra thing when I want to turn off my board, should I just pull the antispark connector?