Antispark from help

Hi guys!

Managed to screw up my antispark switch from Does anyone know where the red thin wire should be soldered? IMG_0684

It doesn’t look like other switches I found references to in the forum.

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Ask the vendor

@b264 I already did, however I also know that Alberto is swamped after the accident he had, so I thought I’d shoot out the question here on the forum as well.

Thanks for the tip though

Positive discharge would be my assumption

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Positive discharge as @willpark16 said, but the light is a 12v light which requires a 12v rail though. If you connect it straight to the positive discharge it might blow the light.

Yo, mr Pillow.

Thx for the help, I also noticed the 12v rating, hence the question. I don’t understand how to give the LED 12v, given the available components. Maybe it’s just connected to positive discharge and “hope it works”.

What do you think @ARetardedPillow @willpark16?

You can’t see any “residue” at any of the solder on the board where it might have been connected?

Hmm can you find a resistor anywhere that the wire might be connected to?

Actually, might not connect to the board? might be a connection like a loop on the switch since the heatshrink. or as @ARetardedPillow wrote, a resistor, but it’s inside the heatshrink and it should be soldered to the power

The switch will work fine as it is right now just that you have no LED, but just find a way to supply 12v to that wire and youre good to go

Hmmm, I think there’s a resistor inside the heatshrink aswell

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@Hannes @ARetardedPillow thanks for all the feedback. I do have some residue on the positive discharge so I’m not too worried about that. Haven’t found a resistor in the shrink wrap though.

I think I might have some suitable resistor at home but I’m leaning more towards “bleep it, let’s just solder it and go” :slight_smile:

I had the same problem with the antispark at eskating I don’t know why but you pay 50 € and you get the shittiest cables Alberto could find. My advice change every cable for stronger one because they will break All the time. Do what other have said it’s positive discharge!

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Hey man! The red wire goes on out positive. So the led will go on just when you push it.

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Aah, ok, thx Alberto.

So the risk to the LED is acceptable? It will receive a much higher voltage than the rated 12v.

Are you sure it’s a 12v connection for the led? Some switches are rated for 48v and have different resistors inside. If it really is a 12v switch, use 2x16.5kohm resistors in parallel!

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image this is how I light up my led on the switch

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image you gonna need one of these to transfer the lower voltage!60630!US!-1