Antispark switch in USA

Hello: I’m looking for antispark switches, anyone has any reliable one in USA?

Ling term I don’t know, but I’ve been running a Luna switch for a week now. Longer than any others have lasted :grinning:.


Hmm never thought about using a scooter or bike switch. They usually use much higher amps so the switch should be robust. Lmk how that works out and do you have a link?

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Really?? That’s good news! I just bought 2 of them to replace a fried DIY switch!

I’m headed to the movies right now but I will get you a link tonight.

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Where did you buy it from?

The switches from @goldenHusky are really good, all of them working on mine and friend boards.


Says supports up to 120 amp but my battery is gonna 160amp continuous capable not sure if I want to risk it lol. I know real world I’ll never pull those amps continuous but I can spike higher than that

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I’d install two switches in parallel to support that amount of current.

I’ve just placed an order for two units.

Thanks @mmaner

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I’ve been thinking about that, do you think I could hook the buttons together in parallel so there’s only one button for the two switches?

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Yes, just split the NO, NC and C pins on both switches.


In case the Luna switch is not working how expected. They currently not available, but should be in stock during this month again (as minim it´s what was told me)

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The Luna switch is exactly the same switch as torqueboards anti spark switch, just with another label on it and 20$ cheaper

I had quite an issue with Luna switches - short circuit burned the FETs and kept the circuit closed. This in combination with the lack of fuse is potentially disastrous. The marking on the FETs is intentionally removed to prevent repairs … d1ck move, Luna :angry:

Cheers folks!

They should be available at the end of next week. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen those lunacycle switches for a while. No complaints really from ebike forum.