AntiSpark switch overheat and melt?

I have a Flipsky Antispark switch

I noticed today that the switch wouldnt work. I opened up my enclosure and everything looked fine, however where i had the Antispark switch mounted had melted. So the Antispark switch obviously got hot, very hot and enough to melt a few things.

Questions: Why does the antispark switch get hot and why is it built on a heatsink? Isnt it just a switch? If I bypass the antispark switch and just do a XT90-antispark where does the heat go, does it go directly to my vESC instead?

I assume the amperage going through the switch is what causes the heat. Does having the antispark switch with heatsink dissipate the heat before it gets to my vESC?

My vESC looked fine and had no signs of heat issues at all. If i change to XT90-antispark will my vESC then get super hot and cause same issues?


get rid of that shitty antispark and just do loopkey… there is no heat coming from the wiring, the heat comes from the faulty shitty antispark they sell.

Like this lol 30e119323fb6f903480ed338ac468a70ca6a7efb_1_375x500 Mine lasted about 20 mins

Use a diebiems. It will actually work

Once an antispark switch dies you should unplug it immediately or its basically a heating element.

So was the reason it got hot, was because it went bad?
Should they typically not get hot?

Maybe I should switch to XT-90s switch

Normally shouldn’t be hot enough to melt through the heatshrink. I always do loopkey + antispark for redundancy. Antispark blew and I left it in there. it started melting and release a nasty smell…

My bored still smells like ass when I remove the enclosure. I cleaned it half a dozen times now

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Is that a Flipsky switch too?

Pretty sure. Psychotiller tossed it in with my battery order. He couldn’t remember if it was filpsky or maytech.

So uhhh, I feel like I’m sensing a pattern here.



Good way to get rid of the new car smell I suppose. Happened on the second day of riding my new carver build, awhile back. Board is fine. Emotionally I’m still a little scarred and went back to using loop keys.


Oh my god. My Vedder antispark blew up like this. And now I am on flipsky switch. Works fine for now, but this get me paranoid.

Looks almost identical lol.

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Loop Key it is then!

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Yeah I’m sticking with Loopkeys until some real Innovation comes out for anti Sparks

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Yeah, i was lucky, my Switch was sitting almost on top of the battery and after it got hot it dislodged and then started melting into my battery pack. Thank god Matrix did a fantastic job of protecting the battery pack.


Never install an antispark on your battery. Big no no. Lucky you! I’m fortunate to never have one combust but had plenty stop working. I use a massive bms now with integral switch. So far so good but loop keys are always a good addition to any build. Anything that completely disconnects the battery when its not in use is a good safety feature.

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flipsky switch?

Hi All. Think somebody about something like this?

What You mean? Will be useful from electrical point if view? From the mechanical side is for me clear, it looks industrial, is it big and compared with other solution it is heavy, but what about from electro?