Antispark's purpose? and pack resistance

I use the xt90s plug and am happy but I’m wondering if the sole reason for the antispark is to keep the connectors clean from carbon burn prints and therefore the connection resistance down.

Also would it be bad to keep the negative terminal connected continuously to the esc and just use the positive singe wire connection to turn on? I have seen separated wires with an anti spark on the positive, so would only need to connect one wire…not that it’s that much different.

How does the pack resistance and all the cell connecting wires effect voltage sag when pulling high amps? is there a formula you have?

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This is what I am doing (if I understand what you are saying correctly) and it is working fine for me… You can see my digram here though. Again, it is possible I am completely missing the point of what you are saying. :slight_smile:

I cant see why leaving the battery’s ground wire connected would harm anything since the positive wire is disconnected and creating an open circuit. IMO, the more connectors you have, the more resistance. It may be a small enough amount that it’s not a problem. However, with time and corrosion, it could get worse. On my most recent build, I endeavored to has as few connecotors as possible on the main output circuit between the battery, BMS and Vescs.

that is a good xt90s plug set up i haven’t seen. nice

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and what about just using antielectric paste for the connections instead of the antispark resistor? someone did it and I’m wondering how it will do. maybe someone can try it

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you are correct there. they will eventually over time erode away little bits of the terminals. This video helps a lot to explain the need for the antispark. It is a very good explanation!!

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the capacitors in parallel have the same voltage across them as the battery and when a connection the video says. is there a problem being slammed by an estimated 1000 amps? I thought maybe the capacitors could be damaged or at least have a reduced lifespan because of that. but then I think they are supposed to last longer than everything else so maybe it doesn’t matter

I think the voltage the caps see would be very similar with an antispark or not as the antispark adds a very high resistance parallel pathway