Any Aus/Sydney e-skaters interested in custom 'flat' LiPo packs?

Just to gauge interest, I have been soldering packs for a decent amount of time now and am considering offering it as a service for fellow e-skaters in the area (I don’t want to hassle with shipping Lipos, we would have to meet somewhere in Sydney to make our exchanges though if it is possible to easily ship Lipos under a capacity I would be open). Would anyone be interested/what would you think a fair price would be?

I am quoting @barajabali Basically I would charge cost of material plus 20 percent labor so I am completely transparent.

I think that is a nice model.


I agree, that seems fair

Hey bud i live in syd and i have x3 6s lipos just wondering how much is ur service to do flat lipo pack?cheerz