Any Belt Covers suggestions?

Hey guys! Sorry if it’s a little dull but I’m planning to use belt covers on my next DIY but I’m not sure if the most common belt covers will match my setup (caliber 2 truck, Torque Board new motor mount (two pieces clamp, reversible), Torque Board 16/36 teeth gear ratio, 15mm wide belt). My belts never last long due to rocks. I was looking at this cover but there are no dimensions on the item details:

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I made some covers for 12mm belts and 90mm wheels for my TB motor mounts. I can edit the file and send them over for 15mm belts and your wheel diameter if you’d like.


@Boardnamics has or is adding covers to his mounts.


oh waoh! that s dope bro! I’ll appreciate that

I’m not sure if their new mounts has the same dimensions as the old ones.

What wheels are you intending to use?

@torqueboards could you advise, Dexter?

I’m now using 97 but i’m gonna upgrade to ABS 100mm all terrain. I guess I will go for 100mm so it can also fit 97mm. I also have the old mount let me compare the two

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Okay. If they’re the same, i’ll just put the file on thingiverse for you to download (:


Cool! They have the exact same dimensions! only the clamp was updated!

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We’ll get one made and throw it up on Thingiverse. Will also have one which you can purchase.

The dimensions are the same.

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Thanks a lot man. I appreciate you!

Here you go!


Bro these are so sick! I will be printing these now!

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I can upload a different version for you if you want. Just gotta let me know your belt width and wheel diameter (:

Belt covers won’t help you. The part of the belt that gets hit by rocks is the part closer to the ground on the wheel pulley. Only an enclosed system would provide any protection. I have come to find out that the only thing belt covers do is add time and effort for when you want to change a belt.

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I mean it really depends on why you are printing them, I just think they look cool.

also @nuttyjeff I realized I have the V3 mounts with the round motor part instead of the V4 lol. Do these work for the reverse mounts as well?

Do you have a pic? I don’t have the reverse mounts haha.

20190103_162649 They look the same to me?

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I think the one you have is also reversible! It’s the exact same mount except that the newer one comes with a two pieces clamp. the spot where the cover will sit is the same.

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Yeah I think the reverse mounts have the same shape, they’re just longer

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So, how does it work? you post it and send me a link?