Any Boosted Board owners here that recalled their battery?

I’m not a Boosted Board owner. However, I picked up a Boosted Board standard battery that is on the recall list. Boosted will not replace this for me. If I can provide a board serial number that matches the time frame of this run of batteries Boosted will replace this battery with a brand new replacement. You would think that Boosted would replace all of the faulty batteries regardless of ownership. The problem is this run of batteries are not water tight.

I’m not using this battery, willing to sell it to someone cheap. I’m afraid to post this on a Boosted Board forum, as I feel like the company is always watching… Not a fan of Boosted… Or I’ll just crack this thing open and hack it.

My boosted stealth battery gave out on me mid ride only around 500 miles. I’ve had so many issues with my board, but that being said, my experience is not the norm. Personally the only great thing about boosted batteries is the life span. With everything else a LiPo or Li-ion would be a better choice.