Any caliber motor mounts, or pulley systems for sale?

I’m looking for caliber motor mounts or pulley systems, and if not can you tell me where I can get good ones for not too much. Also, where can I get a 200kv motor 63xx?

@Idea or @korryh for the mounts

and hit up @johnny_261 for the pulley kits

Some people have had issues but I never have. Checkout @torqueboards for mounts and drive gearing.

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Im planing to sell all my part ( personal reasons) was about to start a thread. I got everything on hand,

Vesc, he2 8s3p pack, 6364 motor, bms, pulley kits, deck trucks, motorount kontroller EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR A BUILD

How much for the pulley kit are you willing to part for

You asking me? Pm

Here is mine

Pm me if you’re interested.

Search marcmt88 for my new cnc motor mount. Machined for caliber II truck.

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Is there a link? I’m interested

I pm you, asking questions like Does it come w the idler and how much is shipping

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Oh those are more than what I’m looking fot