Any Canadians willing to forward a deck? Longboarder Labs won't ship to the U.S

I can’t find a certain deck anywhere online except Longboarder Labs, but they won’t ship to U.S. addresses. I’m trying to finish a build, MiamiElectric 12S2P & 170Kv motor, MarcMT mount, with a psychotiller Coupe enclosure and 83mm flywheels.

The board I had intended on using got stolen recently so now I have to order another. Was hoping someone might be willing to forward a small deck and be reimbursed for shipping + inconvenience.



I probably could. Located in Edmonton, Alberta currently


I could do it for you im in Victoira, BC PM me if that works!


Here im toronto, chose ur option i guess,


Aren’t we all Canadians too Nice!! :joy::joy:


@adamm would be your best bet. He lives the closest to the store. Unless Canadian shipping is free. Then it’s whoever lives closer to you @FreddyFeelGood@Jasonkj3217 I’m in Edmonton too! We should go for a rip sometime.

@Lionpuncher Lol we had already spoken, remember i just moved here?? Just waiting on @landonkun to finalize my battery pack :grin::grin:

Oh yeah! Was wondering what happened to ya. Lol

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Try YCA? I think that is the Canadian version of MyUs of which I use for American stores that won’t ship to Australia.

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I was thinking about driving down to the border later this week to pick something up. I could maybe see if I could ship it while I’m down there? If you could get it to me in time. I’m in Winnipeg.

Let me know if you need my help. I live pretty close to the store.