Any data on watt usage?

So, regardless of what kind of motors you have on you’re boards, you’re going to be using the same amount of watts to move around. It seems like the watts that it takes to move a person around aren’t nearly as high as some of the motors we buy are rated for. Does this mean that by using smaller motors we could be saving on cost and weight, especially for people using dual motor setups? What are some downsides of using smaller motors? Is the difference noticeable?

Here’s a little study I for a science fair project about the power consumption of electric stakeboards.

The second document has information about power consumption mostly. I did test on a flat track, so this does not apply to hilly areas, but you can still see that you do not need a lot of power to move even a heavy person on flat ground. This is why those Chinese clones have such under-powered motors compared to us.

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