Any eSK8 Builders in Cape Town South Africa, or Gauteng

Parts are extremely expensive to ship to South Africa, maybe we can have a group buys or share info on available parts in RSA,

Dankie baie julle, mooi ry Jason

PM or Mail

[email protected]

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Jason, ek kyk na dit met my pa!

How big do you think the community / interest is in SA?

not sure, the Long board community and sk8 guys are big… and the MTB guys, let me know of any part supplies…


Cool. What parts are you looking for? And what’s hard to get, specifically?

looking for Enertion mono kit, love the blue look with black deck, Deck I can source locally, I need a motor maybe 190kv , batteries, vesc and remote, I think Hobby Mania in Cape Town can supply the motor and batteries , Mono kit are about R3000 with shippment from Aus, maybe some tax post office bullshit as well

the vesc and mono kit, must be the most expensive to source

Hey julle ek stel ook belang in parte

Hi guys Im a sothbafrican eskateboard buildrr and supplier of parts and complete boardsbf 4 last 5 years now Call me for a setup to suit your ride 1650w beltdrive motor R1800…420kv. 5065 2000w beltdrive motor R220p…190kv 6365 120 Esc 24v Beast compR1800.00 150. esc 24v Beast comp1:5 R 2000.00 Gear wheel Gear motor Brackets 90mm wheels HILLBILLIESPRO.COM WWW.ELECTRICALSKATEBOARDS.CO.ZA

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@Fbi I need parts what’s your WhatsApp number bud

Hi bud pls contact me on 0837307378 thank u

I’ve just bought my first esk8 - from Trampa. Quite expensive, but worth it. I’m in Jozi.

Hi - do you still have the esk8?