Any ESk8 builders in Philadelphia

I wanted to see if there were any esk8 builders in Philadelphia. I am making my first board and it would be helpful to have an experienced person have a look at my electronics set up - so I don’t fry any expensive parts or burn down my house. Hopefully we could get in a ride some time as well.

Marc Shane

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I’m outside AC. There are Philly peeps, but I’m not sure of builders. Riders 4 sure.

@JLabs is in Pennsylvania but I’m not sure where.

I am also looking to see if there are any ESkate builders in Philly as well. Please let me know! I am a rider and attempting to complete my first build.

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I’m in philly. Send me a pm here or on the other forum

I’m a rider in Philly. I’m trying to make my own board but it’s giving me some trouble too

This issue is with one of my direct motors. I have taken the motor off of the axel and I can feel something rubbing on the inside of the motor. I have done the same thing with the other motor and it spins freely. I am not sure is this is an with one of the bearings or something else on the inside of the motor. I have reached out to the manufacturer (Torque Boards) but have not gotten a response. Does anyone have any experience or insight?

It could be the bearing or an object popped into the motor casing. Rough roads could wear down the bearings fast. See if the main motor shaft wobbles. The motor case can be taken off with some screws and a lot of force (fighting magnetism). I’ve seen a few YouTube videos in past years of people stripping their motors to clean.

An aside and adding to the thread, I am a Sacramento transplant now living in Philly and have gone through a DIY build. I’m working up to a V2 soon, taking learnings from the first round. I must say, these Philly streets are rough on my board. I’ve managed to cracked the battery enclosure twice in 3 rides!!! Cheers to DIY esk8.