Any experienced EE with charger design knowledge looking for a new challenge?

Hi folks, I’m looking for an electrical engineer with a background in charging to help create a new product for electric vehicles. The e-skate community certainly has a few people with such experience, so I wanted to throw it out here as well.

What we’re seeking:

-Degreed EE with experience in multi-layer PCB design and high current applications

-Located in Southern California

-Spare time to dedicate to this project

-Bonus points for previous designs of battery management systems

Happy to discuss details with anyone interested, but in short it is a new take on EV charging, with the goal to make it more accessible to more people. The team is passionate about e-mobility, with a long background in both EVs and e-skateboards, and we’re excited about the potential for this product.

Feel free to reach out here or in DM if you or someone you know is interested!

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