Any good hub motors , flexy 18650

heyy i am looking 2 convert a longboard i have, i have the batterys and bms , and the board oc, but i rly want 2 keap the feel how this board rides , so are there any hub motors whit a 180mm weel to weel , wide 50 mm weels , or just some good hub motors out there for max 250euro ?, alsow the board is a bit flexy video , wats the best way 2 mount the 18650 ???

U could try @Hummie he sells hubs

You won’t find any 50mm wheels with hub motors inside. The motors would need to be tiny, and the urethane really thin.


50mm wide sry

You can get some 90mm maytech ones for 250 or so i think, but I am not really sure of the quality and performance of these. What is your budget for the whole build?

400 eu whitout the board trucks and battery

@mountainboardlover69, Ive got some of those may tech 90mm hub motors. I bought them for $180 AUD ($138usd), off ebay, including trucks, front wheels, and the 2 rear hubs. Im using VESC’s for the ESC. The motors are amazing in my opinion completely silent when cruising in BLDC mode. after 300KM the urethane did come loose but this was easy solved by using some heavy duty epoxy to glue the urethane to the motor. I have now got over 800km on them and they are completely flawless.

They do heat up a fair bit around 70C but I do push them very hard as I ride fast and live in a hilly area.

I think they are a great hub, if you can glue on the urethane, which is very easy, as it involves removing 6 screws per motor and the cover just slides off, followed by the urethane. Put in epoxy, slide back on the urethane, motor cover, and reinstall the screws and you’ve got a great super cheap hub motor.


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are u talking about these?? if yes i am gone order, i was looking on a review on these cheap ones tnx man rly helps

Check out my Maytech review I went over everything about these hubs and the Maytech VESC. For trucks if the Maytech Trucks are to short then you could cut down your trucks of choice instead. However I wouldn’t recommend the hubs above 10S.

Yep, thats the exact one.

great gonne order them and build a 10s battery

Why dont use the 10s 5p battery you are trying to sell?

long story short thats battery my buisnes , and this is my hobby, i woud have 2 buy it from my buisnes kinda but that aint worft it since i have plenty of cells my one

yep, 10S would be fine, I’m running mine on 12S, and the speed is above 40KM/h. Each motor/VESC has a battery current limit of 17A and motor max of 45A, which is pretty good acceleration, but any more current than that would cause the motors to heat up to much.

use the meepo ones if you want to do 90mm

What vesc do u use ??

Im using the hobby king VESC, it seems to be very good quality, and i’ve put a lot of use on them so far, without any issues.