Any Idea how to add an Odometer (not using a VESC)

Hi guys,

I love the idea of adding an odometer (I think that’s what it is called) and being able to track how many km/miles in total I have travelled without using a VESC

The boosted board has this feature and I’d love to add it to my future build, but, I do not know how I would achieve this: frowning:

I’ve done a little bit of research and found some bulky, ugly odometers on eBay. I guess I could dissect it and just add the circuit into my board but I would prefer to go the DIY route (since it will probably be better and less expensive) and maybe hopefully somehow send that info to an app on my phone (but that’s getting a little ahead of my self )

If anyone has done this I’d love to know how you achieved this. Or even if you have an idea please comment, thanks :slight_smile:

I use a bluetooth module and the application to track things for the most part. Also google track my every move so I just use the timeline in google maps for overview (also lots of good apps for tracking biking/running on phones that can utilize your GPS and other sensors in the phone to get accurate numbers). I think the VESC also keeps an overall odometer count on the revolutions of the motor but not sure if that just counts while running or gets persisted into ROM.

what does your bluetooth module track, also I would like to track my total distance ever (like on a car) without using my phone

The bluetooth module relays information to the phone which actually logs the data and plots it for you and gives you a button to upload the data to a site where you can view it in a browser or share the link with others, it doesn’t really store anything itself just acts as a relay for info the VESC captures. Can see a data dump here:

I would suggest an hours meter like John Deere uses, they make digital versions but this is all could find in a hurry.

do you need a vesc to use that?

sorry I am confused on how it works :stuck_out_tongue: ??

Ah yeah sorry I saw “VESC” in your first sentence but didn’t really read clearly, without VESC bluetooth module is no help anyhow.

Believe the meter sent just shows the on time in hours for a power source.

its grand :joy: Im sure i can find something else

If you’re interested in programming and arduino you could embed a magnet in the wheel and put a hall sensor in your board and just have the arduino count the times the hall sensor gets triggered by the magnet going past it, would just need a sensitive enough hall sensor to pick up the magnetic force from a couple inches away (ones I have trigger at about an inch with small neodymium magnets). The arduino has read only memory as well so you could save the new counter every time or every 10 or 100 times it increments so you’re never too far off on count, sure you can find odometers that are premade and do the same but might spend as much time modifying that to work rather than building it up from simple components.

sounds interesting might try that. not very good at coding

If your motors are sensored you can also use the built in hall sensors instead of building them into the wheel. You can also add external hall sensors to an unsensored motor. Just an idea.

An hour meter is simple, when it has power it’s counting. Get one that will support your pack voltage or use a voltage converter to generate 12 volts and hook up the hour meter. That’s all there is to it, it just works.

Not sure what is minimum wheel size for bicycle speedometers but i know certain speedos could be used for mountainboard tires

Alright thanks guys for all the ideas!!! I will decide which is best for my build will keep everyone updated

It wouldn’t be stored in your board, which would be way more convenient, but runtracker type apps on your phone would work as well.