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Any idea where i can find modem/ powertool batteries?

i’m looking for battery packs where i could salvage the individual cells.

I already tried but out of the 10 power tools batteries i got 2 were in really bad shape(corrosion) and out of the 30 18650 i tested as of right now only 8 are good.

I would have loved to try the modem batteries on but they only sell for the people in the US and i live in Canada… so if you know any website that sell cheap batteries like that let me know! (even if it’s not 18650’s)

Where are you located? I have a bunch of makita packs I may be interested in parting ways with, but don’t want to ship.

I live in Canada Québec, but i’m not sure if i want to buy power tool batteries again since i haven’t had a great experience with them (only got 18 good ones out of 100 18650’s)

No worries.

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Actually if they can still hold charge I might be interested and if at a fair price or if you can ship to me…