Any ideas how to fix wobbling magnet?

As in the topic, one of the magnets is wobbling (no idea why). Do you have any ideas how to fix it? (super-glue? :stuck_out_tongue:)36469843_1650533611660682_187779517824106496_n

Thanks :smiley:

Never super glue always epoxy.

Btw they sell a special epoxy for this purpose.

I suppose it has to be regular-strong epoxy, not the β€œmetal” one, right?

Maybe a high temp epoxy would be enough, what is so special about magnet epoxy besides heat?

I’ve heard locktite 6xx has been used for this purpose before

Is JB Weld appropriate?

I mean, thats pretty high temp stuff.

Think you cannot use anything with any added metal in the formula, it makes electrons jump the wrong way

Or something

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Stupid electrons >:{