Any ideas to help with a enclosure on a flexy deck?

So I have a medium flex deck and i’m trying to keep the flex if possible. Is there a way that I can use the enclosure I have with the deck while keeping the flex? Any ideas are welcome

Here are some pictures of what I am working with

your best bet is to move to a split enclosure so it can flex. Or segment your batteries and electronics so they can move with the flex. @trampa has a great how-to for a flex enclosure - intended for mounting electronics under a flexy trampa deck. BUT totally applicable to your setup with some ingenuity.

Short answer - a stiff enclosure like that (assuming metal) and a flexy deck = failure. Sooner or later the eyes will widen or something on the enclosure will crack… if you don’t build it to flex properly it’ll be a pain.

flex is a pretty big complication for a first build - doable but work.


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I’ve seen solutions involving the enclosure being screwed on with springs between the deck and enclosure, sort of like a 3d printer bed, but I agree with sl33py that a metal or stiff enclosure like that is not well suited for a flexy board.

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for the gaps, you could glue some foam to the bottom of your deck in an outline of the enclosure, that way no dirt or rocks will get in

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