Any ideas what this is?

Picked up some old ollin stuff- vesc etc and wondered what this was? It looks to me like a receiver with aerial lead but wondered why it’s got a push button and what the three wires coming out of it were for? Any help appreciated thx

is that unhardened jb weld?

5v in or out, push button would be bind/failsafe.

Nice one :+1:

Forgot, yellow/orange… The light color is ppm.

I did some research and believe this is an onboard glow driver. It is basically a constant current switching regulator used to power leds e.g. of a powerswitch

Edit: But this only makes limited sense to me since the vesc has a 5V output…

I think it’s called UBEC(Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit) for short. It’s to replace the 5v voltage regulator which gives off as much heat as the energy it outputs.

the 5v on the vesc is unreliable because it comes from the DRV

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What would that be doing on an old school ollin Board though ? Usb power ?

It looks like it has an antenna cable on it as well as it comes off the ppm output of the vesc

could be a ppm switch (plugs into reciever to switch power on/off to external sources)

The leds and other computing chip probably doesn’t have a input range of 6~12s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: