Any interest in a Trampa VESC 6 group buy?

I am going to buy 2 VESC 6 plus from Trampa

Is there any interest in a small group buy? You get a little discount for buying in bulk, if you buy 10 you save £25 on each one.

  1. Bigbrit
  2. Bigbrit
  3. Halbj613
  4. Sn4pz
  5. Sn4pz
  6. Typhoon
  7. Typhoon

Would be in for it once you have a couple of buyers

I messaged Frank a week ago and asked if there was a higher quantity discount over 10, just in case we could get more people involved and benefit from a further bulk reduction. He’s not responded though.

@trampa you penis. Why you no respond?

Edit: Depending on the outcome of that I’d be keen on 2 or 4 maybe.


It’s the perfect time for @trampa to respond, the Unity is fucked

I’ll start a list on OP guys, let’s see how many we could potentially get


Are you not using the two single focboxes on your trampa? saw your build video. Or is this for something else?

Yeah I am but I was planning on upgrading so I can run more amps, was gonna go unity but I have been scared off


Yeah, that unity stuff in that thread is scary. :joy:


please be respectful, if you cant call him by his community assigned nick name then i will have to ask you to leave

he is a CHODE. not a penis

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I’m not very popular amongst my peers for liking captain Frank. But let’s leave all of that out of here. That’ll derail a topic pretty fast :joy:


Good idea… this could get bad quick :joy:

When would payment for them have to be by

I am receiving £400 in a month if you don’t mind waiting

I can hold off for a bit, just let me know and I will add you to the list

Yes how then sure in will take 2

Can it come with a canbus wire though.

just cut the outer most wires and solder the middle wires together and you are good

yeah no worries if you dont want to do your own

Don’t won’t to do my own will take 2

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Can you change my order to just 1 vesc and @BigBrit discard of the pm I sent you

Sure, at this rate it might not even happen. Ill hang around for a bit to see what happens but I am going to order in the next two weeks as I want a pair

If you can get three I don’t mind going in with you

We still save a bit

@trampa Maybe we can get Frank in here to show so some love for the builders forum? :wink:

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