Any interest in DIYeboard 10s5p dual kit?

So after a nasty fall I decided to move on from DIYeboard. Have the full kit, used, possibly missing parts maybe. I honestly don’t care enough about this shit to even look if it’s all there, I’ll throw in everything in the photo, plus any extra little shit I find that I don’t want. It all still works, but the whole thing is in pieces and I don’t care enough to put it back together. Perhaps $400AUD plus shipping to wherever you are? Idk if anyone would even want this, I know one of the motors has one of the screws stuck in it as I managed to shear the top offIMG_20181009_183727

Okay apparently I don’t own the trucks anymore? Probably not still worth $400 I guess

Done with esk8 all together or just Diyboard parts?

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Oh I’m still hard on that esk8 stuff, just need to fund 2 focboxs or fsesc6.6, and after I had a truck snap they can fuck off :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey me too. Luckily my board was only 6s so I wasn’t going over 20 and it was easy to runoff.

I want that battery but I doubt it would be worth it trying to ship it to the states.

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10S and I slammed the back of my head into gravel and the board was inches from going into a river

I’ll be completely honest man it sags like a bitch after its down to like 70% and it’s heavy too, I’d be happy to sell it separately if no one else wants it

Im sure its a very meh battery. Im running a 6s3 of the same thing… i get sag after a few blocks

I should just save a buy a real battery… lol

Oh it’s also thicc af

It’s worth saving for a good battery, I saved $800 for a 12s5p, worth every penny

Ive got a 12s5 on its way from psychotiller.

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I think @dareno needed one of thier ESCs for dual drive

BUMP selling all the shit in OP now for $300AUD you pay shipping