Any interest in Trading Wheels? *THREAD CLOSED*

So I have some Abec 11 97 MM Flywheels. Great condition, barely used. Basically just the side writing is worn. I’m interested in potentially trading for different wheels. I’d really like to trade down to 90 MM Flywheels, but other offers of equal value would be considered. Let me know what you got!!

Where are you based?

I have new Kegels with pulleys)

Im in Edmonton Alberta. That’s Canada.

Merde. These things are rare as rocking horse shit in the EU.

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Are you getting wheel bite Mark? Just curious.

Wheat size are the kegels?

80mm but I just realized you are in Canada and I’m in Switzerland so that won’t work well😂

@bigben :joy: well said. @i2oadsweepei2 I’m not experiencing wheel bite because I’m not using them on this build. I have some powerwheels on this build. Was saving these for the next build. Duel drive maybe carvon hubs on a drop deck. But i just thought I’d throw my feelers out there see if there’s anybody that has 90’s or something close that want to trade up.

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Ya I’m thinking shipping will kill all the fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

im in TORONTO, can i buy tho?

You forgot to mention duro. 75a, 78a or 80a it’s an important factor

Hey dude, i can appreciate you wanting to purchase, but I’m looking more for trades in this situation. Good luck with your build though.

standby… pics to follow.

no prob, wish u luck!

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Looks like 75a but can’t tell for sure They look to be in really good shape.

Yup 75’s. Oh so buttery smooth…

They would go quickly if you just sold them

haha yes I’m noticing. But it’s not money i seek. It’s smaller flywheels… :nerd: