Any interest in Trading Wheels? *THREAD CLOSED*

I have very lightly used orange and purple kegels with pulleys, located in Ontario.

Are they the 80 mm or the bigger ones?

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They are 80mm, with 32 teeth pulleys. The orange is 80a, purple is 83a, do you want pics?

I appreciate the offer, but I’m looking for a bit larger wheels. Like you have 2 sets of kegels? 8 wheels?

Yes, you could have either set.

I have a set of 87mm clones, used for about a week.

@chinzw It was worth a try I guess. Haha. I’ll have to pass. Incidentally, last night I found some 83 MM Flywheels on Canada’s Craig’sList for $20!

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@Multiple_Scoregasm i was just offering them up (not a 1 for 1 trade), they’re lying in the bottom of a drawer. :slight_smile:

Sorry buddy, didn’t mean to come across as snarky.

I found some 90mm flywheels online brand new for $89 I may get them but are real flywheels that much better than the clones? Cause I have 90mm clones in 78a and the ones online are 75a

My experience is quite limited as I have just completed my first build. I upgraded from Enertion Powerwheels which are 83 MM and I believe 80a duro, to some flywheels of the same diameter but 75a duro. It’s like riding on buttered velvet compared. Nothing against the powerwheels, and no idea what your wheels feel like, but i was astounded at the difference it made.

You convinced me I ordered a set of 75a 90mm flywheel

Use GET10NOW code for 10% off basically free shipping

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