Any issues with converting an open motor to a sealed can motor?

I designed a 3d printed motor cover which would encase an out runner motor in a PLA shell. It would cover the openings on the opposite side of the shaft. The openings near where the motor mount goes would still be open.

Are there any issues with this?

I was not sure if sealed can motors are built mechanically different than the open ones?

No, they’re the same. Be aware that blocking the airflow will result in increased temperatures, especially if you have a lot of hills.

Thanks for the response. I assumed that the temps might increase.

But this is the same as any sealed can? They all run a bit hotter?

In electronics engineering universe, the answer to every “I want this to run cooler” question is “use a part rated at 5 times what you need and only drive it at 20%”

I can only assume it applies to these motors as well

Pretty much. It’s also the reason hub motors are rated so much less than regular ones. Besides having to run at a less favorable gear ratio, they’re generally sealed or close to it, which means they trap heat. This results in a motor with the same magnets, stators and copper mass as a 2.5kw motor being rated for 800w as a hub. Heat is the enemy of neodymium magnets.

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