Any issues with Unity and sudden slow downs

so 12.5 miles into my ride I’m going up a hill not super fast and the board did this sudden slow down. Does the Unity freak out sometimes? It was not just loosing throttle. It was kind of breaking and made me jump off my board. I looked at the battery % right away on the app thinking it might be critical. But was at 40% I think it did that before on a slightly different set up and the battery was lower.

Screenshot_20190515-215141 20190514_202559 The new new. Little rocket. Ralleycat board. 12S3P discharge only Bms. Unity. TB 6355s. Caliber II. Dickytho mounts. 14/30t 83mm


Check the support thread.

Other users have had similar reports. This is not a common incident and only seems to be occurring with a small number of Unities in each batch.

Really like that deck!!

I think you might be hitting your soft cut off value.

40% on a 3p is not a lot under load.

Some logging app would instantly show this.

Well, I was wondering if if has to do with hitting the soft cut of value on the battery. And if that is the case it should just coast, not kind of break. I dont see that I can adjust those values on the App. I wonder if the Computer version allows for a change.

Going from acceleration to not very much feels like a brake… especially going uphill

It really feels like more than just going into coasting. I was not going very fast and it threw me off my board. If this is normal behavior I’m going to be super sketched out riding.

It has never happened with a well charged battery though?

Correct. Has happened twice wiht this Unity. 1st time I was a 10S5P and it was really low. Last night was the 12S3P and I had already gone 12 miles. I don’t have a battery meter on this set up and was using the Focbox app to see batery percentage. I was surprised to see it was still 52% at 9.5 miles. and when the cutout happened I checked it and it was 48%. do you know if you can change the cut out values?

That would be dependent on your BMS discharge setup. You can change cutoff values using the windows tool for sure… not sure if you can in the mobile app.

It is a Psychotiller Pack. Charge only BMS. I will hook the Unity up to the computer tonight. Appreciate your comments.

No problem! Do you have thermal throttling enabled on your unity? I could be overheating while going uphill.

Are you calling me fat? (well, you would be right, 215lbs) I did not change that setting. so looks like it is on. But right after it happened it said the motors were at 46 and 47. not sure how fast they spike.


wrong screen shotScreenshot_20190516-062225

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Unfortunately, testing failures is never fun.

But it is another option to try haha

Yeah hitting a cut off going up a hill will definitely not feel soft under load. I’d say try that same hill on a full battery and a 40% battery again. Mystery solved if it doesn’t happen on a full charge then.

I will take yours and venoms word for it. It freaked me out and seems really abnormal to me. the first time if happened several weeks back I totally ate it and went down hard. that battery was really low. I have ridden so many other boards and never had it be such a sudden hit. Metroboard micro Slim, Evolve Bamboom GT. Wowgo 2S. Diy 10S5P with dual Maytech Vescs. Diy 10S5p with Dual Focboxes. Diyeboard 10S5P kit with their ultra crappy ESC.

If you switch from a 10s to a 12s battery, you do need to change your battery parameters (battery limits tab)

Though the cutoffs would be lower.

Thanks, this was a whole new build. So I had started from scratch on the set up. Also was new firmware. it was set to 12S