Any issues with Unity and sudden slow downs

Looks like you can change it on the app. first drop down go all the way down to custom, then jumps over to cutoffs. I am not at home now to actually try…

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Updated app settings. Cut off at 37 and 35. Turned off motor temp.

I also changed my the wheel gear from 30 to 34 t. Motor is 14 t on 83mm wheels.

I did a ride similar to the one the other day with the issue. No problems today. I am riding very concervatively in general.

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That’s a pretty neat app. Never heard of it before, thanks!

Relive is really cool. Totally free. What I use any way. You can put up to 10 fotos on the story and it places them where you took them. So that was a cool reference of where the battery was at