Any italian here? Italy electric skateboard experience

It’s rather interesting to see a conversation go back and forth between two languages like that. Is English taught in schools in Italy?

Ciao, negli ultimi mesi ho avuto altri impegni/problemi per tanto sto riprendendo questi giorni il lavoro sull’esk8. Hi, I was very busy last months so I resume my esk8 now.

Hi, yep we studied English since we were 6 years old. :grin: Now I’m 20.

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It’s cool that many countries teaches English at an early age. I wish American schools taught other languages, but I guess it’s hard to decide on one language to teach when English is the most used on already. Foreign language is taught (graduation requirement) in high school where I’m at (at about 14-18 years old) you get to choose one language and most don’t use what they learn once the class is over.

Chinese is the most used language followed by spanish. English is 3rd

We start studying English when we are 6 y/o, but many of us remain terrible at it. I learned more on the Internet than at school actually, but I love the fact that nearly everybody here knows at least 2 languages, + regional dialects. We actually study a 2nd foreign language when we are 11 y/o, either French or Spanish, and we can decide if we want to keep studying it till we’re 19 depending on the subjects we decide to go for. In high school we have russian, chinese and german lessons too, and even ancient greek and latin (that’s what I’m studying)

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I uploaded my video (vlog style) about longboard’s deck, have a look at it :grin:

hello i am not italian but i live here in rome, i have tested today my eskateboard with my son, later i will post a youtube link

here is the video

last year i also completed this electric kick scooter

Hi Enrico, I am from Rome too. Hit me up if you need any suggestion for building your esk8.

I am Alessio from Milano, but I live in Belgium at the moment. Good to know that many italian are on the forum. Ciao ciao

yes fedestanco i wish there are suppliers here in italy to avoid too much tax, my build cost me 450€, the most expensive part is the vesc.

Fortunately one of the best esk8 sellers in EU lives in Italy; check out his website 500€ budjet will make a working board but you won’t give you the smoothest ride or the most convenient experience. I suggest you to save a little more and to upgrade some components in this order: a strong vesc for FOC, a bms with ON-OFF soft switch, quality wheels, lion batteries.

yes fedestanco i have seen that site before unfortunately i only have paypal as a mode of payment that is why i switched to another supplier that accepts paypal, where is the nearest warehouse of, for now i am waiting for the weather to get better, at the same time i want to see if some carabinieri will prohibit me from speeding up my skateboard, if not i will build a faster and reliable one as you have said for a more convenient ride.

though i don’t build my own eboard, but i do brought a boosted board recently. and l live in italy. could anyone tell me is it ok to ride the electronic skateboard in the street??? what will the police to do us? will they surrender our board if caught by the police??? thank you


They can take your board and do some testings with it, if it‘s to powerfull (the boosted and almost every other board is) you won‘t get it back. But, most of them don‘t know, the two scenarios i did encounter in reality were:

  • if i see them first, i go off throttle and push, they won‘t recognize it‘s electric
  • if they see me first, they probably didn‘t much know about laws and/or eskate, and just were amazed to see me riding such a wonder of tech

They‘re called carabin“ieri“ cause they‘re from yesterday:p

Hi guccio, simple skateboarding on the pavements is forbidden in Italy if your speed is more than 6 Km/h or if your behaviour endanger other pedestians. So if the police stops you this is the worst possible scenario:

  • they get your board
  • they get 5 points from your drive licence (if you have any)
  • they fine you with 1.200 Euro which consists of:

849 Euro because you have no insurance 77 Euro because your board has no license plate 81 Euro in case you have no helmet for motorcycle on 155 Euro because you have no certificate of circulation (they simply see your board as a scooter without the necessary documents and safety equipment)


(the guy was hoverboarding a 0 Km/h while pushing the pram of his son)

So I can’t imagine what they could do if they get you running 40Km/h on the street smiling at them

good luck

Probably the only things they could do is watch you driving away, or shoot you.:slight_smile:

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thank you. i would be so sad if they took away my boosted board…definitely don’t want to take that risk…

jesus christ! 1200 euro! and also take my board! then why do you build the eboard since you can not ride in the street…not even the normal skate board…hope one day Italy could change the law…seems like i’ve brought a expensive toy that can only use in the house…