Any long drop-down decks?

I longboard/e-sk8 only from 7-8months, I used to snowboard before. I currently have this deck and I like a lot the drop, with 97mm wheels, risers and a slim enclosure that easily accomodates 1 “layer/row” of 18650 I can get enough ground cleareance.

I tried other decks but I feel that I’m most comfortable and safe on a drop down deck, I will plan to try a build with a kicktail and learn to use it well but for now having the stability of the drop at medium/high speed (~20-25mph wich are fast for me) is key.

The problem is that I’m almost 190cm tall (~74") and I would like to spread the legs and distribute the weight on all the board for maximum stability, and not go on the drop parts too much as I’m doing today because it’s a bit unconfortable maintaining such stance for a long time.

There’s a topic talking about drop down decks already with a good discussion and few builds that use such decks

tl;dr: Do you know any long Drop down decks? I can find max 43" I was searching 45"+.

Many thanks!

The only board that comes to mind is rayne demonseed. I have the nemesis and I’m liking it but I’m short 67". Nemesis has about 26" foot space before the drops and demonseed is its bigger brother. Only way to mount motors would be towards the rear or hub motors I would think.

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Hey dude, I’m not as tall as you but I find my feet moving into the drop curve of my drop down when I start getting up speed, so kinda same issue.

I think my drop down is a Moose 42".

And then I got the Quinny longboard stroller which is super long.

So my current thinking is to build a deck which is both longer for foot stance but also longer where the trucks mount so that you can add a motor same as normal.

Lemme know what you think - and whether you’re interested in a deck!?

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landyachtz switchblade 40" . just bought the deck from amazon. they have some other similarly long boards. not freak long but longer than anything else I come across.

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Can’t think of anything that long. I have a 40" Landyachtz Switchblade that’s a double drop. If you top mount the trucks, you can fit the motor under the deck. Otherwise you have to have it out back. Works fine with a hub mounted drop thru, but you run into issues with battery clearance. The Space Cell enclosure is pretty slim. You can’t go less than that with those cells without routing out space in your deck.

There’s only so low you can go with an esk8 before you will have issues with your battery case dragging. Unless you mount it on top of your deck, but I’m not a fan of that configuration. I would look into a drop-thru mount with hub motors as another option. You may be able to swing a micro drop as well. My current deck is a Suzie Slidethrough and I installed a tail bone and a foot stop on top to give me that extra leverage that you get with a drop platform.

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