Any one used HobbyKing Vesc?

Im planning on building my first 4 motor board but I cant really afford multiple Vesc 6’s like my current board.

So I was planning on getting the hobbyking ones as they seem nice and cheap.

anyone used them, if so, how are they?

How are you planning to get it if it’s out of stock?

Waiting untill its back into stock.

Do you know when it’s coming back into a stock?

the hobbyking esc is $90 for 4.10 hardware. you’re probably better off buying a tb vesc for $100 that’s in stock, nicer looking, probably better supported, and is 4.12

Originally I was going to be going with either a maytech Vesc, or the hobbyking 150A ESC. The problem is Im trying to build the board as cheaply as possible and the HK150A isnt rated for 12S and the maytech is slightly more expensive than the HK4.10

Get the torqueboards vesc. The Hobbyking one is only a good cooker

So far my Maytech VESC has been great and there only $89 if you email them directly. I personally haven’t heard anything good about the HK VESC s so I think the Maytech VESC would probably be a better option. And also I think if your trying to do a 4 wheel drive board you shouldn’t be going cheap on components lol.

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I think I might have to upgrade to the Maytech. The only reason I decided not to go with it was its slightly more expensive ( plus id have to pay customs when I import it to the uk ) And some of the bad things I have heard from people about them dying ( The chip not the rider :stuck_out_tongue: ).

some of the bad things I have heard from people about them dying.

still gonna be a lot better than HK. I’ll get really excited when HK starts producing 4.12 hardware though

But do you get a warrenty with Maytech, If so I dont have any reason not to go with them. All I know is HK give atleast some form of warrenty ( except batteries )

i’m not really sure

Frankly, you could probably put the missing capacitor yourself if you want 4.12 :slight_smile:

is that the only difference? i’m not aware of the technical differences, only that 4.12 is supposedly way more reliable

Its mostly because if the Hk one blows I have 6-12 months worth of warrenty to replace / refund.

@SilentException What diffrences are there between 4.10 and 4.12 exactly. if its a simple as an extra capacitor, I could always add that myself?

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Well, that and one trace was thickened 4.10->4.11

huh, whaddya know

guess it’s a really important trace

Most important :slight_smile:

hk and meytech only good for bldc

It seems its alot more complicated than just a single capacitor :confused: