Any opinion on the Turnigy CA80 160kv motor?

Has anyone tried the Turnigy CA80 160kv motor?

I’d like a bit more punch on a kick scooter I’m converting to electric so I’m looking at the CA80 as opposed to 6374 motors.

One concern I have is the mount is at the opposite end of the motor (as opposed to in the middile with 6374 motors) and if I’m using a pulley, it might put too much force on the shaft and the bearings. After all, this is intended for RC planes.

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Maybe chain drive to handle those torques

you can make the shaft come out the other end but this motor is overkill. have you tried a 63mm motor first…bet you’ll be satisfied. And then you could use a vesc with it’s benefits. If you get this monster motor you’d have to get a huge amp esc to really access it’s power, if you’d even really want to, and not as nice as the vesc for smoothness and other benefits.

This will be my first build, and I was planning on using the FOCBOX for its heatsink. Bolted onto the floor of the aluminium kick scooter should give it a good thermal path.

The main reason why I wanted the unconventionally big motor was because many are going dual 6374 motor setups, and I can only assume it’s for higher acceleration. Since I can’t go dual motors on a kick scooter, I was thinking the CA80 would be nice. I’m torn between the CA80 and a 6374 motor.

FOCBOX will probably be the bottleneck even for a 6374 motor. Most people that go dual 6374 do so for really torquey off road boards

What’s your intended top speed on this scooter.

Makes sense. Since I’m going to use the FOCBOX, I guess the CA80 would be pretty meaningless, if the ESC is the bottleneck.

Not too fast, 20mph tops. I won’t be riding on open roads.

a single 6374 will be enough, even up a hill with a properly aircooled focbox. If you wanna go sure try an APS 80100 motor :wink:

Shipping’s pretty steep to the US though. I don’t think a 80100 motor will offer much improvement over a 6374 if the FOCBOX is current limited to 80-100A.

You have much more punch with those big motors, but you won´t have much improvement with continous high amps (bottleneck ESC). Take a look at @Nowind ´s build. He uses 80mm motors and have some experience with them.

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Nice, I’ve seen Nowind’s build but didn’t realize it was a 80mm motor.

Also, are shafts normally reversible? Can I take it out, flip it, and put it back in?

I think so yea. I know of at least one other that was stuck out the other side.

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