Any opinions about

hi there,

do you have any kind of experience with this online shop?

Lol, search much?

It’s like the #1 trusted go-to shop for batteries out there. If youre non EU, use for prices excl VAT.


As I know they are the cheapest in EU and also legit

Wait can you buy cells from that link without the VAT costs?

yeah if you have it shipped outside EU

i second that, also one thing to note that they ship once a week only on monday so if you order on tuesday you will have to wait a week until your order is shipped.

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Couple of us got together and bought about 400 batteries from them shipped to USA. Great supplier and smooth overall experience.

If you’re buying from outside EU you don’t have to pay VAT, yes. So they made it simple and made a separate site instead of deducting it from the total of your order. Looks better that way I guess and less confusion.

If buying from EU you have to pay VAT.

That site is not a short cut for us that just want to pay less. :joy:

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My order shipped on a Thursday tho

dunno mine took a week so i asked them via email that was the response, their words…

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Im with you on this. I think they only ship once a week. @koralle is it actually with a carrier or just a tracking number?

When you all say EU, are you talking about Europe, OR The European Union? There is so much confusion around this, and no one really seems to know the difference…

2018-04-10 17_55_30-Parcel tracking

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Talking about the trade union.

also the shipping cost is very low. if you choose the cheapest option they ship your order with bunch of other orders and then its handled to your domestic shipping company when it arrives. its abit strange but im glad they figured it out to make it cheaper.

yeah @Kug3lis should take note, read this topic dude, people outside Eu dont pay VAT… I’d buy shit from him but don’t on principle…

Like I said, don’t wanna buy don’t buy… What’s your problem :wink: As our shop is official company it is required by government to pay taxes, the tax exemption requires specific form to be provided to tax administration which we do not provide as it has specific requirements which increase the prices and etc. Not every EU country handles the EU rules the same :wink:

People outside the EU don’t pay VAT… that isn’t a argument. It is Fact!

Straight up, I like your shit but you are Skimming dude… & I don’t think it is cool :dark_sunglasses:

Yea but you will still pay taxes for the country where you send the cells… probably…

European union